Credit Analysis Fee $149.00

At Self-CreditRepair Learning Center, we prepare an in depth credit analysis to calculate and indicate areas of improvement for your credit score. With our specialized programming, we fine-tune individualized plans to improve current credit score in as little as 30 days! With a one-time fee of $149.00, we can start the process to financial independence and protecting your newly acquired credit with our many program options.

Credit Analysis Fee $149.00
Outdated accounts
Inaccurate information
Wrong personal information
Review installment and revolving accounts that have high credit utilization
Have accounts updated/made current
Create a plan for correcting or removing inaccurate information
Create a plan for increasing the credit score based on the five elements of a good score
Create a plan for maintaining a good credit score
Provide a phone consult to go over the plans and information
Provide a report detailing all of the information listed above
Access to a step-by-step audio and video course that explains how to raise your credit score
Access to step-by-step audio and video course that explains how to rebuild credit
Monthly Credit Repair Maintenance $99.00 a Month
Your client file will be analyzed and reviewed
Manual updates and reviews
Response to any correspondence via telephone
Response to correspondence via email
Response to correspondence via fax
Response to correspondence via USPS, UPS or FEDEX
Credit report reviews and updates to determine next course of action
Creation of dispute letters
Mailing of dispute letters
Offer assistance with budget questions, Offer assistance with credit
Ongoing credit education and advice, Budget advice, Access to the education portal
Regular updates to the educational portal with videos, podcasts, article and webinars